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Quick Plant ID: Hop (Humulus lupulus)

Hey there here's a quick break down of identifying a wonderful flower from the Humulus lupulus plant called Hop.



•Hop flowers (Humulus lupulus)•

👨‍👩‍👦Family: Cannabaceae (hemp family)

🍃 Parts used: Flower (buds)

🏠 Habitat: Europe, Some of Asia, US.

👁️D: Climbing in hedgerows, leaves are deeply lobed with serrated edges. Flowers are light green - greeny brown when fresh and a layered looking structure, shaped like a cone. Smells like yeast, hempy but very distinct.

✨Uses: Tinctures, Infusions i.e tea and brewing

🌿Medicinal Benefits: Bittering flower, Insomnia, Mild Sedative, Anxiety, Irritability and Restlessness.

Soz for blurry video at the beginning - couldn't get the focus right 😅

💯 Be 100% sure when using any plant. Some do not have the friendliest lookalikes.

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